Octavi Ripolles-Querol


Hi there! I'm Octavi Ripolles-Querol, a computer engineer with more than 15 years of IT professional experience. I'm employed full-time, but send me a message if you have a really killer project with equally good working conditions.


I speak Catalan (mother tongue), Spanish (native) and English (tested some times to be at B2 level). With some help I'm able to understand other Romance languages in written form.


My main area of expertise revolves around Java code. I'm an OCA for Java 8. I love to do TDD to ensure code quality and testability.

I like to participate in Product definition taking into account stakeholders' needs and point of views.

I've been responsible (as in a RACI matrix) for several projects and workstreams inside bigger projects with big user bases (up to several millions).


I have no immediate availability now. However you can still contact me to see if I would be a good fit for your project.

Given I'm based in Rubí, in Southern Europe, my timezone is CEST or CET depending on the time of the year.

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Let me know of any project or task I could help, or just drop me a line about further information you may need: